GOAN receives many queries below are some F.A.Q.s We wish to be as informative as possible but do not take this as legal advice please always refer to your local Police station or lawyer for definitive answers.

GOAN Related F.A.Q.s

Who are you (GOAN)?

Namibians giving a voice to all Namibian legal firearms owners. Our mission is to work WITH government to defend YOUR rights, and to keep you up to date on issues that will affect your ability to legally poses arms and ammunition.

What do you do?

Have meaningful dialogue with Government and legislators on legal firearms ownership in Namibia.

What is in it for me?

Join a community of like-minded firearms owners to advance the interests of legal firearms ownership.

Should people join GOAN now or can we do this later?

Join now. Your membership can make a difference.

I have 3 children who own guns – do I need to fill in an application form for every one of them?

Yes, please complete a membership form for every person.

What is the difference between the membership levels?
  1. Ordinary Membership – N$150.00

Only persons 18 years of age and older will qualify for Ordinary membership.

  1. Pensioner Membership – N$65.00

A Pensioner member is an Ordinary member who is 65 years of age or older on or before the beginning of the relevant year. Such member may apply for a reduction of the annual membership fee prior to the beginning of a new membership cycle. No refunds will be considered mid-cycle. 

  1. Corporate Membership – N$1500.00

Corporate membership is open to any legal Business, Association, Sports Club or Body that wishes to support the Association or that may have a vested interest in the Objectives of the Association.

  1. Non-voting Membership – No Payment

Non-voting members will receive newsletters and some updates on the progress GOAN makes. But will have no vote at the AGM or other meetings.

What do I need to do to become a member?

All you need to do is fill out a membership form, sign it and pay your membership fees.
You can download the membership form from this website, fill it out, sign it and send it with proof of payment to [email protected]

Where can I apply to become a member?

Application forms are available at all leading gun shops in Namibia and at NAPHA. And you can download the form from this website here.

What are my duties as a member?

You agree to abide by the GOAN Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct and the Namibian firearms laws.

How much is an annual membership fee?

1. Ordinary Member – N$150.00
2. Pensioner Member – N$75.00
3. Corporate Member – N$1500.00
4. Non-Voting Member N$0.00

Where can I pay the membership fee?
  1. Cash Payment
    At all leading gun shops in Namibia and at NAPHA.
  2. EFT Payment
    Please make sure to use you ID number as payment reference

Bank:  Bank Windhoek Ltd
Branch:  Maerua Mall – 483 872
Account Number:  8015 455 690
Reference:  ID number of applicant
Proof of Payment:  [email protected]

    Your membership fees can also be paid via Pay Today!
Validity of membership?

One year

Gun Ownership Related Questions

I keep my son’s rifles (in his absence) together with his firearm licence, what am I to do?

You must obtain a temporary license from the police or have the firearms stored at a legal dealer.

Where do I need to report rifles that are no longer used?

Firearms no longer in use can legally be sold privately with the correct paperwork from NamPOL, through a legal Dealer and destroyed through a legal Dealer/Gunsmith with the required paperwork.

I sit with an inherited hunting rifle from my granddad, what is my situation?

The executor of the estate must provide you with all the required paperwork to apply for the license. The firearm must be kept by the executor or stored at a legal Dealer.

I have 6 rifles – what is your recommendation? Must I sell 2 of these?

Only if you wish to. You are in legal possession of those firearms currently.

I still have a rifle licence card (not a book)? Is this still valid?

You will need to consult a lawyer. By law the license is legal, although NamPol treats them as illegal. Apply for the book ASAP.

I had planned to buy a pistol – should I wait? Should I buy one immediately? Will the new laws apply now?

Apply now. The new laws will only apply once gazetted.

Amendments to the Arms & Ammunition Act Questions

Where can I find the new Arms and Ammunition Bill?

Early in October 2019 Parliament passed the Arms and Ammunition Amendment Bill. You may download the bill here (PDF) ~280KB

What are the 5 major changes to the new firearms law?
  1. Ballistic testing of all firearms
  2. Firearms licence issuing and renewals every 5 years
  3. Competency training and renewal every 5 years
  4. Ammunition limits
  5. Calibre limits