Dear All,

As you might have known GOAN received a short notice to meet with the Honourable Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, the Honourable Daniel Kashikola and his team of expert advisors today.
The meeting was called on instruction of the Honourable President Dr Geingob  following the concerns raised by GOAN in the letter addressed to the Head of State. The purpose of the meeting was that the Ministry of Safety and Security provides feedback to GOAN regarding the raised concerns and in how far they have been addressed.

Some of the feedback provided to GOAN was challenged, as it didn’t agree with our own understanding of the factual disposition on which the answer was based. The final outcome of the meeting was, that the matter was not laid to rest but that the Deputy Minister kept and even  expanded his advisory team that presently operates under the chairmanship of the Director of the Namibian Forensic Science Institute, Dr Paul Ludik. It now also includes  GOAN members Kallie Venzke, Rico Viljoen Adv Peet Harmse and Jürgen Hoffmann.

The GOAN team members will meet tomorrow evening to draw up a schedule where the disputed processes regarding the implementation of the Act will be plotted  and progress to address the same can henceforth be monitored. The joint ministerial advisory team will meet for consultation on Thursday, 13.02 and Thursday, 20.02 to deliberate on the remaining points of concern. The committee will brief the Deputy Minister on 24.02 who in turn will advise the Head of State. The underlying sentiment is to resolve all matters that make the Act unconstitutional and to “Agree to Disagree” on certain issues. It will not be possible to change everything of concern but it will hopefully be possible to achieve that remaining matters will be taken care off due to smooth implementation.

Avenues are sought by the Ministry of Justice to see how possible changes to the amendments can be legally incorporated within the realm of existing possibilities in the legislative process. GOAN committed itself to contribute through constructive dialogue to harmonise the Act with the Constitution and to safeguard proper and seamless implementation of the Act once it is promulgated. One major aim of GOAN has been achieved namely to be recognised as an organisation which is provided the opportunity to play an active role in a consultative and supportive capacity in the legislative process. We remain positive that this role will be to the benefit of all gun owners.

We will keep you updated on what transpires during the next two weeks.