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The mission of the Association is to uphold the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Namibia and to give all fire-arm owners in the Republic of Namibia affordable access to law in upholding their entrenched fundamental rights in terms of the Namibian Constitution.

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News Flash

Six months ago the Gun Owners Association of Namibia was formally constituted by a handful of volunteers who are passionate to retain responsible private firearm ownership. The challenges launching GOAN were substantial in the sense that no formal structure existed...

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Dear All, As you might have known GOAN received a short notice to meet with the Honourable Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, the Honourable Daniel Kashikola and his team of expert advisors today. The meeting was called on instruction of the Honourable President...

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Out Now: Membership Books

GOAN is great full for the sponsorship of the Membership Confirmation books. The books have been distributed to gun shops nationwide. The books will help to expand the GOAN member base in areas where internet access is a problem. GOAN wishes to thank the following...

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WARNING – Competency Training

There is a company from Windhoek that is contacting people on Social Media saying they are offering competency training for the new firearms law. Please note this is a not yet a requirement and there is no specification or qualification in place for competency...

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Kosmos Interview with GOAN

Kosmos Interview with GOAN

The Vice-Chair of GOAN had an interview on Radio Kosmos about the the amendments to the Firearms Act. You may listen to the interview here.    

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Did you know that your right to own guns in Namibia is at risk?

Laws are being passed in Namibia RIGHT NOW that will severely restrict your rights to own guns and drastically limit our access to ammunition.

Foreigners are trying to impose THEIR laws on us!

The Namibian people do not want or need these laws!


 GOAN is fighting for your rights as law abiding Namibian gun owners.

 Farmers – Hunters – Security – Sports – Collectors – Civil

 Our mission is to work WITH government to defend YOUR rights, and to keep you up to date on issues that will affect your ability to legally poses arms and ammunition.

Join now and be a part of the movement. Be informed and fight for your rights!

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